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The Superlite SLC is produced by Superlite Cars based in Clinton Township, MI, a suburb of Detroit. Superlite Cars builds a number of cars, including the Superlite Razor, and the Superlite Nemesis.

The SLC is a "superkit" component car that is an original design, but is loosely based on the IMSA GTP cars from the 1980s and 1990s, most notably the Kudzu GTP, as well as the current crop of Daytona Prototype cars that run in the Grand-AM series.

The first body buck was produced in 2006 and shown at the Carlisle Import and Kit Car Nationals in Carlisle, PA. The original orange buck had an aluminum monocoque chassis from the firewall forward, with a bolt-on tubular structure that was designed to fit popular 4 and 6 cylinder FWD drivetrains. There was no interior in the original buck, and while the car drew interest, no orders actually arrived. The major stumbling blocks seemed to be the lack of an actual car instead of a buck, as well as the absence of a V8 drivetrain.

These problems were both eliminated the next year when RCR unveiled a new version of the car, with a proper V8, and the beginnings of an interior. The V8 was actually a bit of a change-up pitch, since instead of the expected domestic V8, the car had a 4 liter Lexus V8- with twin turbos, each pressurizing an intercooler fed by side scoops in the body.

With the advent of a more-completed car, complete with a drivetrain, the beginnings of an interior, - and a pushrod suspension in the rear- the car now began to attract deposits. In late 2006 or early 2007, the first kits began to come out of the RCR factory.

It was around this time that RCR was complemented by a new company- Superlite Cars, LLC, which was organized to contain the original-design cars that were beginning to come out of RCR, in contrast to the replicas that had heretofore been the entirety of the RCR business. Now, Superlite Cars has the SLC, as well as the Razor and the Nemesis in their portfolio, with others in the pipeline.

Changes over time

The early cars (2008-2009) had Wilwood brakes, with specific uprights, the DigiDash instrument package, and a standard electrical system. These were eventually changed to upgraded parts. The Brembo brakes are now used because they have dust seals, and are OEM for street cars, so are legal in all jurisdictions, where the original Wilwoods were sometimes not, as they are a racing-focused brake. The Brembos also have larger rotors, which required a change in the uprights. You can't change from the Wilwoods to the Brembos without also switching uprights as well.

The instrument package changed, swapping the all-digital Digidash to an instrument (the Koso RX2N) with a large analog tach and digital display of other functions, including speed. The new Koso gauge comes with a specific sender that is solid state and is specifically calibrated for the tank shape and gauge requirements.

Another key change was the availability of the "street tail". Originally, the SLC had a rear treatment that closely followed the GTP style cars, with a large open area in the back, an aggressive diffuser, and a high-mounted external wing. The new street tail became available in 2010, and is still a no-cost option at order time. The new tail has an integral spoiler, large ducts to channel air into a builder-provided engine air intake, and a molded-in diffuser, as well as an explicit license plate area, and a car logo molded into the rear. Both tails share the same tail lights. The street tail doesn't come with a wing, but one can be added at extra cost. The spoiler on the street tail is there to add some downforce in those cases where a wing is not desired, or is prohibited by local law.

The electrical system also changed, swapping out the traditional wire harness to a modern power distribution system from ISIS Power, and also included a complete mostly plug-and-play wiring harness for the SLC. This was a radical change for the industry, as virtually all other similar cars used a traditional harness that was difficult to install, or a hacked-up donor car harness.

In addition to these changes, the car has been under continuous development in smaller ways. For example, the fuel tank was re-designed several times, the last iteration being larger, and less costly to manufacture. The chassis itself has been modified over time in small ways to improve manufacturability and quality. There have been improvements in materials in hinging, and the way that the doors are mounted. There are many other examples, including improved designed for the uprights for easier maintenance, to name just one.

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